How can I help as a health professional?

There are many ways to facilitate awareness and support of the Heart Health Charter. Use the tabs on the left to learn specific steps you can take to do your part in this process. Your support is vital.

As a health care professional, you can provide visibility for the Charter and the need to address cardiovascular disease at a local, regional, national and European level. The Charter stresses the need for increased public awareness of the risk factors associated with CVD and the responsibility of both the individual and political bodies to address these risks.

Support the Charter

For local, regional, national and European Charter Community initiatives, please click below:

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Educate others in your field

The Charter needs continued support if CVD is to be effectively addressed in Europe. A community is built by sharing; please inform others you know of this initiative.

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Other methods of support

Links to National Heart Foundations and National Cardiac Societies can be found via the website links below. Here you can find information of what the national organisations do in your country.

› Visit European Society of Cardiology

› Visit European Heart Network


Inform a colleague, political leader or friend about the Heart Health Charter.


have you already participated locally or want to find out how you can?


"There are two things that are quite important at the moment which were not that important when we did the North Karelia Project in the 1970s. The first is that the CVD problem which used to be a problem with middle-aged men is now a problem with older people and women. The second difference is that diabetes has become a major contributor to CVD throughout Europe."

  • Professor Jaakko Tuomilehto
    European Society of Cardiology, Professor of Public Health/University of Helsinki, Finland